Decision Aids

What are these decision aids for?
You need accurate information to make informed decisions about your health. These decision aids give you facts about health conditions and the pros and cons of different treatment choices. If you are from The Netherlands, please visit this website.

How can these decision aids help you?
The information on this website can help you to understand your choices and prepare questions to ask your doctor. Then you and your doctor can discuss which option is right for your unique case and make a decision together about a treatment plan.

Are the options discussed in these decision aids appropriate for you?
Some of the options in these decision aids may not be appropriate for your individual situation. Talk with your doctor about how the information in these decision aids relates to your specific condition. Note that these decision aids from PatientPlus do not approve or authorize care, treatments or tests. The care, treatments and tests described in these decision aids may not be covered by your health plan. If you have questions about whether your health plan covers a particular treatment or test, talk to your health plan or doctor.


Decision Aids:

Privacy Policy

All personal information captured by this website will be treated completely confidential and will not be provided to any third party. For usage of a decision aid, only your email address will be registered (if entered) for the time you use the application. After closing the decision aid, this information will be deleted.


The information system is developed to be used in patient care and research. We put a lot of effort into this system, however, we do not accept any responsibility or accountability for its content, other than dictated by law.

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