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The terms of this disclaimer apply to our websites and decision aids that can be viewed on our websites. By either viewing or using the websites/ decision aids, you agree to be familiar with the content of this disclaimer and the applicability of it.

Decision aids
PATIENT + develops decision aids relating to the most common diagnoses. Physicians or other healthcare providers can use the decision-aid to decide together with the patient on the most appropriate treatment.

Use of the decision aids
The information on our websites and decision aids are developed with great precision. On our websites you can use the decision aids or just view them. The use of our decision aids is based on your own responsibility. The use of our decision aids cannot be considered as a substitute for a consultation or treatment by a physician or other healthcare professional. The decision aids are not intended to advise you on the most suitable treatment. The decision aids provide support for the patient and doctor when deciding on most appropriate treatment for the patient. This decision is the sole responsibility of the patient of the treating physician. For questions or concerns about your health, treatment or medication, we always advise you to contact your GP, specialist, pharmacist or other healthcare professional. PATIENT + is not liable under any legal basis, if the information and or use of the websites and/or decision aids do not fully comply with accurate, current or complete information.

The decision aids are developed by PATIENT + in collaboration with medical specialists and patients. All (intellectual) property rights and copyrights are held by PATIENT +. The contents of the websites and decision aids may not be used for other purposes than private use without the written consent of PATIENT + for purposes other than private use.

By making use of our websites and/or view the decision aids, you do not provide personal information to PatientPlus. PatientPlus only processes personal information if you contact PatientPlus (for example by sending an email to PatientPlus), where you provide your personal information to PatientPlus. PatientPlus processes personal data according to the law of privacy and only for the purpose for which you have provided this information.

When you visit our website or use our decision aids, we can (if you allow it into your Internet browser) automatically store information about the device you are using in the form of a cookie. Cookies are text files which are stored on your computer, for example, to monitor your progress in a decision aid. In addition, cookies help us to align the content of the website to your needs. You can remove the cookies from the hard disk of your computer, for example via your internet browser. PatientPlus only uses technical, functional and analytical cookies, which do not invade on your privacy. The analytical cookies (Google Analytics) are arranged according to the guidelines of the Authority for Personal Data. This means: a) that the IP address is anonymized, (which means that the last octet of the IP address is masked); b) that “data sharing with Google” is disabled (therefore Google cannot associate data with other services) You are able to disable the cookies by adjusting the browser, which enables the browser to store the cookies. Furthermore, all the data that is stored can be removed via the browser settings.

Applicable law
The Dutch law applies to our services and websites. All disputes arising out of or in connection with this disclaimer will only be submitted to the Dutch court.

By using our websites and/or the decision aids, you declare to be familiar with the above mentioned conditions and with the applicability of the terms and conditions.

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