Surgery to remove it

A cut slightly larger than the ganglion itself is used to remove the cyst along with its connection to the wrist joint. The wrist stiffness and soreness from surgery improve for 6 to 12 months. The redness and thickness in the scar also improve for a year.


All figurines together represent 100 patients. The green figurines represent satisfied patients. The red figurines represent unsatisfied patients.

The ganglion cyst returns in about 10 of 100 people.

Population: 10%

10 of 100 people have a minor problem such as a minor wound infection, a very thick scar, or prolonged pain and wrist stiffness.1, 2

Population: 10%

Less than 1 of 100 people have a major problem such as a deep infection, a tendon laceration, or wrist ligament injury.1, 2

Population: 1%


  • Surgery will most likely get rid of the ganglion.


  • Trade a bump for a scar.
  • No guarantee the ganglion cyst stays away.
  • Six to 12 months total recovery time.
  • Risk of problems such as infection or tendon injury.