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  No treatment, keep it Pull some of the fluid out with a needle Surgery to remove it
What is involved?

Keep it.

Draw the fluid out with a needle.

Surgery to remove the ganglion.


Almost all patients get used to it and are satisfied.

In more than half the ganglion cysts goes down on its own.

In more than half of the patients the ganglion will return.

In about 1 of 10 patients the ganglion cyst will return.


Avoid risks.

The lump goes down for a while.

The diagnosis of a harmless condition is confirmed.

Surgery will most likely get rid of the ganglion.


A little funny looking.

The pain of the procedure.

High likelihood of recurrence.

Trade a bump for a scar.

1 in 10 return.

Full recovery takes 6 to 12 months.

Risk of problems such as infection or tendon injury.




Infection, thick scar, tendon laceration, or wrist ligament injury.