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  Non-operative treatment Surgery
What is involved?

Relief of symptoms and patience while your body heals.

Surgery to reattach the tendon.


Using your arm like normal even when it’s still hurting.

1 week or month of immobilization;

Avoid strength for 4 months.


The front of the elbow may look a little different.

A scar or scars on the elbow.

Elbow bending strength

Near normal.

Near normal.

Strength turning the palm upward  Average: 60% of normal. Average: 80% of normal.
Fatigue, pain Seems uncommon. Not clear if it’s more or less common after surgery.

Avoid the risks, discomforts, and inconveniences of surgery;

Immediate return to normal routine allowed;

No scar.  

More strength turning your palm up.
Disadvantage Less strength when turning your palm upward.


- 40 out of 100 people have a minor adverse event such as temporary numbness.
- 15 out of 100 people have a major adverse event such as permanent numbness, extra bone growth, or tendon re-rupture.