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Most scaphoid fractures are at the middle (waist) of the bone. The bone is usually cracked (non-displaced) rather than split in two (displaced). Non-displaced fractures of the middle of the scaphoid can be treated with a cast or with surgery. If your fracture is out of place or closer to the wrist (proximal pole), healing problems are more common and you might choose surgery.

This decision aid is designed to help patients with non-displaced fractures of the middle of the scaphoid decide between treatment with a cast or surgery. It provides the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment option. Together with your doctor you can decide what is the best treatment for you.

You can go through this decision aid with your medical team, family, and friends. You can also print the result of this decision aid.

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S. Fischerauer, T. Teunis and D. Ring.

Version 1; 14-06-16

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