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  Sling Surgery
What are the expected results? To date, our best evidence suggests that on average surgery may not improve your comfort or shoulder function. It is possible that some fractures will benefit more than others. 
What does it mean?

You wear a sling for about 4 weeks.

Metal devices are used to keep the fracture from moving while it heals.

What is the advantage?

No surgery.

You can use your arm a few weeks earlier. The fracture is less likely to heal in a bent position.

What is the disadvantage?

A sling can be a bit cumbersome.

Your arm will be immobilized for about 4 weeks.

There is a small chance that you might choose surgery later if things don’t go well.

The scar.

The risks, discomforts, and inconveniences of surgery.

What are the risks?

Of 100 people treated with a sling, about 6 fractures have trouble healing.

About 4 out of a 100 people choose surgery later.

Of 100 people that choose surgery, about 8 have a problem with the metal implants, 3 an infection, and 2 have trouble healing.