Surgery: treatment for strength

The fracture is fixed with a wire and pins or with a plate and screws (figure). You can start moving your elbow after surgery, even though it hurts.


Figure: surgery with a wire and pins.

- You’ll have a scar over the back of your elbow

- 94 of 100 people are satisfied.

Population: 94%

- 8 of 100 people have a minor problem like a superficial infection, bleeding, or slight numbness around the elbow.

Population: 8%

- 7 of 100 people have a major problem like an infection that needs surgery or a problem with the metal implants.

Population: 7%

- Many people choose to have a second surgery to remove the metal implants if they are prominent and bothersome. 
- You can use your elbow for strength after 3 months.
- The elbow continues to improve for 1 year.