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  Cast and/or sling Surgery
What is usually involved?

- Immediate movement of the elbow.
- Treatments as needed for comfort.

- Your fracture is fixed with a wire and pins or with a plate and screws.
- You can move your elbow after surgery.
- If the metal implants are bothersome, they can be removed with a later surgery.


Most people with limited demands are satisfied. Healthier more active patients might not like the weakness in straightening of the arm.

If problems are avoided, the elbow is returned to near normal.

Risks and limitations

You might not be able to straighten your arm with strength. This could affect pushing up out of a chair and similar activities.

- A scar over the back of your elbow. 
- 8 of 100 people have a minor problem like a superficial infection, bleeding, or slight numbness around the elbow.
- 7 of 100 people have a major problem like an infection that needs surgery or a problem with the metal implants. 
- Many people choose to have a second surgery to remove the metal implants if they are prominent and bothersome.


You avoid the risks of surgery.

You can straighten your elbow with strength.