Compare treatment options

  Adapt and monitor Remove some of the fluid with a needle Surgery to remove the bursa.
What is involved?

Wait and see.

Your surgeon draws some fluid out and might inject medication.

A cut over the tip of your elbow is made to remove the bursa.


The bump will resolve over many months. It might return.

The swelling might go away sooner.

Trade the bump for a scar.


No harm, no surgery.

The aspirated fluid can confirm that there is no infection.

Can address any tissue or bone reaction contributing to the bump.


It may feel strange to do nothing about it.

Fluid will probably return.

There is a small chance of infection and small chance that the fluid will leak out the needle hole for some time.

The bump can return.

Infection, draining or slow healing of the wound.




Continued draining fluid out of the needle hole.


Continued draining or delayed wound healing.