What is Outer Elbow Ethesopathy (OEE)?

It is a problem with the attachment of the starting point (the enthesis) of the one of the muscles that extends your wrist. It is an enthesopathy of the Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis Origin (ECRB). People with outer elbow enthesopathy (OEE) feel pain when they use this muscle. This area is usually tender to touch. You may notice pain with lifting, gripping, or grasping.


Figure: outer elbow enthesopathy.

A starting point of a muscle or a ligament is called an enthesis. A disease of an enthesis is an enthesopathy. Middle age (ages 35 to 65) is the age of enthesopathies. Enthesopathies tend to bother us for about a year, then go away.