Inject the knee joint with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a building block of cartilage. Some think an injection of hyaluronic acid might help lubricate and protect the cartilage.15 Injections do not cure arthritis or make the cartilage grow back. They might reduce your pain for a month or so.9,16

Injections can be given as a single injection or once a week for three weeks.

• Symptoms might be slightly relieved for a month or so.9,16
• Does not damage the joint.

• There is evidence that hyaluronic acid does not relieve pain better than a fake shot.9
• Discomfort and inconveniences of the injections.
• It can be expensive and your insurance may not pay for it.
• Potential disappointment if it doesn’t help.

The results of the studies vary, so it’s not clear how well hyaluronic acid shots work. According to the best available evidence, people who get a shot of hyaluronic acid don’t consistently feel better than people that get a fake (placebo) shot. In the studies that showed a benefit, that benefit was small and short-lived.9,16


3 of 100 people have a minor problem such as discomfort or swelling following an injection.

Population: 3%

Approximately 1 of 1000 people have a major problem such as an infection in the knee or an allergic reaction.

Population: 0.1%