What are your treatment options?


We’ve been working on it for years, but we don’t have a way to slow or reverse arthritis. There are treatments that can help you feel better and do more.

Non-surgical treatments
  • Lifestyle Changes (Exercise & Weight loss)
  • Walking aids (e.g. cane)
  • Pain medication
  • Corticosteroid injections
Knee Surgery
  •  Surgery to replace your knee with metal and plastic

Both options have specific advantages and disadvantages. Your doctor won’t offer surgery until your habits are healthy and after trying non-surgical treatments and deciding you’re not satisfied with them.

Knee arthritis cannot be cured. Surgery to replace the knee can be an option for severe arthritis. It’s a big surgery with some important risks. Metal and plastic replacements of the knee wear out over the years and can be difficult to redo. You may have to limit what you do after a knee replacement.