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How can this decision aid help you?

This decision aid is to help you learn about your knee arthritis. This tool will help you go over what is going on inside your knee and tells you about the pluses and minuses of each treatment option you have. Review the information and decide on the best option for you. At the end you can print the results and review it with your medical team, family, and friends.

You can print the result of this decision aid. You can go through it with your medical team, family, and friends.

This decision aid is written by:

T. Teunis, D. Ring, K.M. Koenig, Kevin Bozic and John Andrawis.

Based on the Dutch decision aid by:

M. Hageman, J. du Long, D. Vuijk en D. Haverkamp


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Version 1; 30-06-17

All authors indicated to have no conflict of interest associated with this decision aid. Completed ICMJE Conflict of Interest Forms of all authors and PATIENT+ employees are on file and can be viewed on request.