Disadvantages of a planned cesarean section


It takes longer before you can do everything normally again.

17 out of 100 women get a minor complication; such as bleeding, inflammation of the intestines or problems with bowel movements.

Population: 17%

5 out of 1000 women are at risk for a serious complication such as damage to the bowel or bladder or a blood clot in the lungs.

Population: 0.5%

In the future

After the cesarean section you will have a scar in the womb. That makes vaginal delivery of the next child more difficult. There is even a chance that the future child will die during the birth. This happens to 2-3 out of 1000 births.

Population: 0.5%

After a cesarean section you will have more scar tissue in the womb. That makes a later vaginal delivery more difficult. The scar of the womb also becomes weaker.

There is also a higher chance for the placenta to grow into the scar in the next pregnancy. If so, you can lose a lot of blood during delivery.