A planned cesarean section

A planned cesarean section will take place about 1 week before you are due. This always happens on a work day and not on the weekends. Sometimes the birth begins spontaneously. In that case the cesarean section is done at that moment.

The cesarean section is an operation in the abdomen. The doctor makes a cut in the abdomen, just above the pubic bone (image). The doctor then takes out the baby.

After the cesarean section you will remain in the hospital for 2 to 3 days. Then you can go home, however, you will not be able to do everything like usual right away. You should not lift heavy things in the first few weeks. Moving can be painful. It takes an average of 6 weeks to get back to doing everything normally.


Image: the cesarean section.

Natural cesarean section: 
Almost all hospitals in the Netherlands offer a natural cesarean section. The parents can see through the drapes how their baby is born. The baby goes to the mother as quickly as possible and lies with her so that there is skin to skin contact. This is not always possible in emergency cesarean sections.