Something can go wrong during every birth; we call this a complication. Below you can read about what can go wrong with a vaginal breech birth. The number of red figures shows how likely it is that something goes wrong. If the baby is lighter than 5 pounds at the time of birth, the risk of complications is greater.

98 out 100 children born, have normal development after birth.

Population: 98%

Disadvantages of a vaginal breech birth:

45 out of 100 women who start with a vaginal breech birth still need a cesarean section.

Population: 45%

5 out of 100 children must be placed in an incubator after delivery. This maybe because the child needs extra oxygen after birth.

Population: 5%

1 out of 100 children get a serious complication such as a broken bone, nerve damage or a brain hemorrhage.

Population: 1%