Vaginal breech birth

A breech birth is very similar to a “normal” birth. An important difference in a breech birth is that the head comes out last. It is important to be well motivated for a breech birth. Because a breech birth is more difficult than a normal birth.

The phase of dilation is often slightly different. The baby’s buttocks typically press down on the cervix. This part of the body is usually smaller than the head and therefore drops faster through the cervix. This can cause an urge to push, when it is not time to push. Pushing is only possible at full dilation.

The pushing itself is the same as if the baby were in a head down position.

The heartbeat of the baby is monitored during the birth by CTG.

Sometimes you may have decided on a vaginal birth, but a cesarean section is still necessary. Namely, when:

  • dilation is slow;
  • the CTG shows the baby cannot handle vaginal delivery;
  • the baby doesn’t lower deeper into the pelvis.