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How can this decision aid help you?
There are various treatments available for women with a baby in the breech position. There are two ways to give birth. Either vaginally or by a planned cesarean section. This decision aid provides you with the harms and benefits of each treatment. Sometimes the baby can be turned, but this option is further explained in another decision aid. If you’re unsure, your doctor or midwife can help you choose the best treatment for you.

At the end you can print this decision aid. This way you can go over it again and discuss everything with people you trust.

This decision aid is not for you if a breech delivery is not possible. For example, if both feet are underneath the buttocks, if the placenta is in front of the cervix, or if your water broke some time ago.

How was this decision aid created?

This decision aid is a translation of the Dutch decision aid available here.

Version 1; 21-11-16.

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