Compare your options

This table compares the different treatment options. 

  Splint Surgery
What are the results?

There is usually no difference in function between people treated with a splint or with surgery.

A slight droop of the fingertip and a bit of a bump on the top of the finger can remain.

What is usually involved?

A splint is worn full-time for about 6 weeks

The bone is realigned and secured with pins.

A splint is worn until the pins are removed 4 to 6 weeks after injury.

What are the benefits?

Avoid surgery.

Less stiffness.

Ensure better alignment of the joint.

The finger might be a little straighter on average, but there is still a bump.

What are the risks and limitations?

Once in a while the splint irritates the skin.

If the joint is out of place, it might develop arthritis. Although the arthritis doesn’t usually affect people much

The pin could break or get infected.

The finger tends to be stiffer after surgery.