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  Lifestyle changes Inject the knee joint with a corticosteroid shot
What is involved?

Healthy eating and exercise habits.

Learn and practice effective coping strategies.

On a bad day, consider taking acetaminophen or an aspirin-type medication.

Inject the knee joint with a single corticosteroid shot.


People experience less pain and can do more.

Over-the-counter pain relievers reduce the pain for several hours.

One month after injection 44 people out of 100 people have less pain and can do more after a corticosteroid shot compared to 31 after a fake shot.


A more comfortable and functional knee.

Focusing on healthier habits and greater resiliency will help you be healthier overall.

Symptoms might be improved for a couple of months, but sometimes longer.


Developing healthy habits is not easy.

It may not relieve pain better than a fake shot.

Discomfort with the injection.

Harm the remaining cartilage.

Potential disappointment.


Fewer than 2 of 1000 people have a serious stomach bleed.

3 of 100 people have a minor problem (discomfort or swelling).

Approximately 1 in 1000 people have a major problem (infection or allergic reaction).

Repeat corticosteroid shots speed the loss of cartilage.